Cardboard Contour Chair


The Papercuts Cardboard Contour Chair brings a new aesthetic dimension to such an everyday
material such as cardboard. Despite being surprisingly simple in appearance made of natural
coloured recycled cardboard and renewable wood, it is not only comfortable but durable and
robust. Its sinuous and elegant form make it remarkably versatile, giving you the choice of
pairing it with other pieces from the series, and placing it in a variety of environments and
settings from work areas to dinning spaces.


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Papercuts Contour Chairs are assembled by hand. Slight variations in color or corrugation pattern are a biproduct of the handmade process and make your Papercuts object truly unique! Papercuts are tough, but please treat it with kindness!


Papercuts are made from recycled cardboard and non-toxic adhesive. They are not meant for damp conditions or outdoor use. Cleaning is simple!

We recommend dry clean or compressed air to remove dust.

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 90 cm

40cm x 50cm x 90cm


wood, cardboard


White, Brown, Black

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