Basic Cardboard Ceiling Lamp


The Basic Cardboard Ceiling Lamp, like all our other Papercuts pendant lamps is handy and
elegant, cut with precision and made exclusively from recycled fluting paper and non-toxic
adhesives. It is the first and most important piece of the collection as it constituted the
inspiration for the collection completion. Its simple and tranquil shape enables it to be adaptably
placed in any room and to target the light where needed.




Papercuts lampshades are totaly cutted and assembled by hand. Slight variations in color or corrugation pattern are a biproduct of the handmade process and make your Papercuts object truly unique! Papercuts are tough, but please treat it with kindness!


Papercuts are made from recycled cardboard and non-toxic adhesive. They are not meant for damp conditions or outdoor use. Cleaning is simple!

We recommend dry clean or compressed air to remove dust.

Technical Information

30 maxLED bulb wattage*,  lamps with a 2700K color temperature. Please maintain a safe distance between the fluting paper and bulb. These luminaries are compatible with bulbs of the energy classes. A++, A+, A, B, C, D & E (EU No 874/2012).


Consult a licensed electrician before wiring to the ceiling. Install in a location that has plenty of room around the light. Keep away from direct sunlight. Maintain at least 12in (31cm) between the lamp and canopy.

Before installing

Disconnect power: Use voltmeter to verify that there is no voltage present on the switch wire. Tip:Hang a card in the fuse box so no one accidentally turns on the power. Check with a cable locator if there are no electrical lines running through the spot where you want to drill. Otherwise there can be a risk of short circuits

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 40 cm

Fluting craft paper

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